Track ABX Express

ABX Express officially started its operations 29 years ago in Labuan and has since then grown to become a national courier service provider, boasting of 75 offices on its network. Having a trained team of more than 800 employees, the Bumiputra-owned company is able to deliver quality services comparable to its bigger competitors. Its logistics infrastructure helps it to have a good relationship with customers by being effective and productive. Furthermore, the company is set in a manner that it is cost-effective for quality delivery of services.

ABX Express has door-to-door services among its list of services offered. You no longer have to worry about traveling long distances before you can get your packages and documents because they will come right to your door-step or office. All you have to do is to provide detailed directions on your location and you are set. The good thing about the company is that they know the places within which they operate. Hence, you do not need to worry that their courier man will fail to reach you.

One major demerit that seems to lag ABX Express behind is its reluctance to seriously take technology as an integral part of its service delivery. The company’s website is poorly structured and there is nothing much attractive to keep a customer on it for long. The site fails to include the latest security features that go hand-hand with the design. In order to have a positive impact on the customer, ABX Express will have to redesign its website, especially in this era where everyone knows about your services and orders for them through the internet.

Among the services provided are freight and courier services. They can easily move all kinds of shipments by air or land to your preferred destination. It also has a committed customer care team, likely making up for the lag in tech implementation.