Track Airpak Express

Airpak Express was first launched in 1990 in Singapore as a simple company offering courier services. The company had limited networks and largely relied on partnerships with willing and established courier firms in order to deliver its services. There were only 4 staff members and a single warehouse space not more than 600 square feet. With time, it has grown to become one of the most respected and well-connected courier company. It has operations in Malaysia and other parts of the world where it delivers many of its orders on time. Today, Airpak Express confidently helps individuals and businesses meet their logistics needs.

With the help of its more than 300 employees, Airpak Express offers some of the best courier services available in the region. This is not just like any regular company that does not see the need to grow. It continuously expands its offices and warehouses. International shipment and Sea freight to East and West Malaysia were started in 2007. Through this, Airpak Express has been able to handle businesses items with less scandalous cases. This is the go-to company when you have Air and Sea imports and exports that you want only a trusted courier service provider to take care of. It has both space and technology to ensure customer satisfaction.

As one of the best courier companies in Malaysia, Airpak Express has developed a network that it claims to cover more than 90 percent states in East and West Malaysia. Therefore, you are guaranteed swift delivery of your items. Among the services you receive include domestic shipment, hand-carry shipment, bulk deliveries, and international shipment. The company has a Track & Trace feature on its website so that you are able to remain updated on the progress of your shipped consignment. As a business person, you are provided with a tracking number which you can share with your customer. Both of you will be updated in real-time the progress of the moving shipment.