Track Aramex

Aramex started off as a simple company and quickly grew to become a recognized global brand reputable for its innovative products. With headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, the company takes a strategic location between the East and West, which empowers it to offer customized logistic solutions for nations all over the world. It is able to reach businesses and consumers both within Malaysia and globally.

Aramex is committed to enhancing its operations both within this region and also across the world, while at the same time seeking business growth opportunities. With this kind of approach, the firm has been able to tailor its courier services towards enhancing customer satisfaction. When the customer is satisfied, the company understands that it would be able to move to greater heights.

The package courier company has been at the forefront of introducing express delivery and logistics services globally. Among the services, it offers to include logistics, freight forwarding, courier delivery, e-commerce, record management and supply chain management. It is able to do this through its asset-light business model which has an impact on every decision made by the company. Whether you want to ship your items for the first time or you are a seasoned shipper, Aramex is able to conveniently adapt to your situation.

Technology is at the forefront of its global network. Rather than having to invest in heavy infrastructure, the firm strikes partnerships with local logistics companies which have stronger networks, and transportation solutions that itself. This is a strategy that has helped Aramex operate in Malaysia despite having a limited number of physical offices. Growth is a factor that Aramex recognizes to be essential for any given courier company. As a result, it turns to technology innovation as a way of pushing forth the limits and ensuring the desired growth is realized.