Track AsiaXpress

AsiaXpress is a subset of the firm Pos Malaysia Berhad. This international courier company is focused on providing its corporate clients with customized solutions. Drawing advice from the more than 175 years of experience of Pos Malaysia, AsiaXpress is focused on delivering the best courier service experience in Malaysia. Many of the things that AsiaXpress does are directly associated with the advances that Pos Malaysia makes. For instance, as Pos Malaysia implements advanced technology strategies, the courier company benefits in that these changes are trickled down to it. Pos Malaysia has the mandate to provide national postal services as well as other services such as bill payments and remittance services, and it is from such services that AsiaXpress is able to draw its organization responsibility.

The focus of this Malaysia courier company is to be a leader of courier services from the international perspective. With the aid of a strong local network and links to over 220 countries throughout the world, AsiaXpress has an upper hand in offering courier services both at the domestic and global level.

Its distinct position empowers it to make use of a variety of resources in providing numerous services that meet customer needs. Thus, you can term AsiaXpress as a versatile company whose services deal with corporate document issues, customized to serve particular needs.

As much as AsiaXpress has been able to establish a positive reputation for itself, it lacks an efficient tracking system that clients can rely on to always be updated about the progress of their shipments. This is a must-have feature for any courier company.

Despite that setback, AsiaXpress has been able to make up for it through the fast and reliable delivery of parcels and documents. It prides itself in the provision of efficient solution-based services. Its mission is to be the favored international courier company. This is achievable given the heavy investment it has put in within the past few years.