Track DPEX

As the e-commerce landscape in Asia takes root, DPEX has continuously established itself as the go-to provider of shipment solutions. The company has built one of the reputable domestic and international courier services. Though it’s more than 30 years of history, DPEX has established a network that spans the region and has extensive knowledge on how to serve not only Malaysia but also Asia at large. This is a reality that is even captured in the courier company’s motto “Knowing Asia Delivering Asia”. What this motto simply says is that DPEX understands Asia better than most of its competitors and as a result of this knowledge, it is able to offer customized services to meet specific needs.

Having started off in Asia and gone on to expand to other continents on the planet, DPEX has partners all over the world. This makes it an ideal distribution partner from the start of your shipping to the end. It will not only get the shipment delivered with the country’s borders but also to other countries and territories where it has a partnership. You can visit its website to learn more about its areas of operation.

DPEX has a mission to anticipate and continuously innovate solutions that can be depended on in meeting customer needs. Their goal is not to just fulfill your expectations, but to surpass them. Its vision is to be the best fulfillment provider for the Asian E-commerce market.

The mission and vision accurately represent the services offered by DPEX. Whether you want to deliver urgent freight, parcels and documents globally or you are in search of door-to-door local delivery service, DPEX is a viable courier company worth considering. It is not only cost effective but also secure. In addition, the firm also offers services for time-sensitive goods through its premium next flight service.