Track Dakota Cargo

Dakota Group is a shipping service company in logistics, cargo, and courier. Dakota Group itself is divided into 3 companies, namely PT. Dakota Buana Semesta (Cargo), PT. Dakota Logistics Indonesia (Logistics) and PT. Dakota Lintas Buana (Courier), each of which has its own purpose and vision and mission. Dakota Group has four pillars of service, namely, Secure, Fast, Comfortable, Competitive Prices. Dakota Group also has a Warranty and Insurance Program.

Dakota Lintas Buana (Courier) was present because of the rapid development of the E-Commerce business in Indonesia, Dakota saw this business opportunity very carefully, armed with the experience and reliability of Dakota in the shipping service industry, Dakota founded PT. Dakota Lintas Buana to provide the best service for customers. The vision of PT. Dakota Lintas Buana is a first choice Indonesian consumer courier service company while its mission is on time, competitive prices, customer satisfaction and broad reach. Available services are Package / Document Delivery, Package / Document Delivery, Cash On Delivery (COD).

Dakota Buana Semesta (Cargo) is here to serve the logistical needs of goods that are sustainable throughout Indonesia by providing assurance that the goods are in the right place and at the right time through fast, safe and responsible shipping services. The services available are regular shipments, TDS (Two Day Service) shipments, Top Urgent shipments, door to door and door to port.

Dakota Logistics Indonesia (Logistics) is a subsidiary of PT. Dakota Buana Semesta which is engaged in transportation (freight forwarding). Their motto contains the following spirit: Awareness that innovation, creativity, and endless change are important as efficient formulas for maximum customer service. Wisdom in the form of willingness to learn from experience. Optimistic about the future. Modesty. The types of services available include, Multidrop Service (JABODETABEK), Regular Service, One Day Service, Truck Charter, Pick-Up of Goods, Packing Services, Cover Insurance and Delivery Status Reports.