Track Fedex

FedEx is one of the largest express transportation companies in the world, operating not only in Indonesia but also in over 220 countries and territories. FedEx boasts of the biggest infrastructure that most of its competitors can only dream of. It has not only automobiles but also airplanes so that it can reach the furthest corner of the world.

The company has a broad portfolio with regards to the services provided including business, e-commerce and transportation services. The size of this company can only be best described through its annual revenue of $58 billion, a mark that not-so-many companies can reach. It has a team of over 400,000 employees spread throughout the world. Within Indonesia, the courier services provider endeavors to uphold the highest standards applicable to any courier company. It believes in upholding your trust and safely delivering your items. This way, you are less worried that they may not get to the intended destination.

Being one of the leading transportation companies in the world, FedEx can deliver your products both by air and land, depending on your needs and speed. Of course, the two modes of transportation vary in terms of cost due to the differing costs of operation. One factor that stands out with this firm is its inclusion of a money-back guarantee determined by date and time. This policy is subject to its terms and conditions. To better understand it, you should visit the website and read its terms and policies.

There is nothing much negative to say about this courier company except for the premium prices charged for transportation. But that is expected given that the company even markets itself as a premium one. Thus, your decision to use their services should not be hampered by high costs but be motivated by the spirit of reliability provided by the firm.