Track First Logistics

PT First logistics or PT Synergy First Logistics was established in 2007. PT. SYNERGY FIRST LOGISTICS is a national integrated logistics service provider company that is growing rapidly and has a system on e-commerce and distribution of goods. The logistics services provided are flexible so that they can be tailored to the needs, including land and air transportation services, warehouse management, e-commerce, and integrated solutions with area coverage throughout Indonesia. PT First Logistics is an official partner of leading online stores such as LAZADA, ZALORA, TOKOPEDIA, ELEVENIA, etc.

Vision of PT. First Logistics is our success is to build relationships and good communication with consumers. We guarantee our team can understand everything that is needed by consumers. The added value of our company is that when consumers communicate with our staff, consumers will always be served in a friendly and professional manner.

The mission of PT. First Logistics is We guarantee the delivery of goods and documents almost to all places throughout the world. We provide track and track facilities that help consumers to know the existence of goods or documents that are sent anytime and anywhere to provide peace to consumers and provide proof of shipping goods. The values ​​held are trustworthiness, integrity, commitment and quality of service. Services provided are

Same Day Service

The goods sent will arrive at the destination on the same day as the shipment.

One Night Service

Goods sent will arrive at the destination

Regular Service

Goods shipped will arrive at the destination within 2-3 days of delivery.


We support shipping goods from e-commerce companies

First logistics is an official transporter for online businesses, such as:, LAZADA, ZALORA, tokopedia, blanja and elevenia.

The prohibition on goods shipped is:

Items that can and / or easily explode, ignite or burn themselves, such as: matches, LPG gas, ethanol, paint (these items must be sent by landline and special packing)

Narcotics, Liquor and other illegal drugs

Pornography, printed material / objects that offend morality

Printed / recorded goods whose contents can interfere with security and order and national stability

Plants and animals (plants can be sent but provided that there is a letter from the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency which states that the plants / animals are free of pests / diseases)

Firearms, knives and firecrackers (dangerous items)

Jewelry, precious stones and cash.

Chemicals including dangerous goods.