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1. What is is your one-stop center providing you with an easy and convenient way for tracking your deliveries and shipments online. You can select from a list of local and international courier companies in order to track and trace the latest delivery status of your shipment.

2. Who should use

Anyone can use to track the status of their shipment online.

If you are a seller selling products online, you may ask your buyer to visit to track the delivery status of the product that you are selling and delivering to them.

If you are a buyer purchasing a product online, you may use to track the status of your parcel using the tracking number or shipment number that has been provided to you by your seller.

3. How do I use

You can use in 2 simple steps. The first step is to enter your tracking number or shipment number and the second step is to select the courier company for your shipment. The results or updated delivery status of your shipment will be shown immediately if your tracking or shipment number is available on the courier company’s tracking system.

4. Where can I find my tracking number or shipment number?

Your shipment number or tracking number is usually found on your consignment note or airway bill which is a form that you would fill up before you send a document or a parcel to another person.

If you are waiting for a shipment to be delivered, the tracking number or shipment number is usually provided by the person who will be sending the shipment to you.

5. Why are there no delivery updates or results shown after I have entered my tracking number and selected the courier company for my shipment?

There are usually 2 reasons to this. The first reason is because the courier company has not updated the status of the shipment in their tracking system or the system is unavailable at that time. The second reason is because the person who is sending the shipment to you has not arranged for shipment with the courier company or has provided an incorrect tracking number or shipment number to you.

6. Which courier companies are available on

We currently have a total of 16 courier companies available on The list includes NinjaXpress, SAP Express, RPX One Stop Logistics, Rosalia Express, Dakota Cargo, First Logistics, Wahana Prestasi, REX Indonesia, Pandu Logistics, SiCepat Express, Pos Indonesia,  JNE Express, TIKI, Pahala Express, dan Lion Parcel. If you would like us to add a new courier company in our list, please feel free to contact us.

7. Are you associated with any of the courier companies?

No, we are not associated with any of the courier companies listed on this website. As an example, we provide a solution for JNE Express tracking services but we are not affiliated or associated with JNE Express. We send the tracking or shipment number to the courier company’s tracking system and the tracking results will be generated from their system. For example, you may enter your tracking number to track your SiCepat shipments and the results will be generated by the tracking system from SiCepat.

Our main objective is to provide a convenient solution for tracking your shipments online with courier and delivery services available in Indonesia.

8. How can I contact the owner of this website?

The best way to contact us – for support, advertisement opportunities, or other inquiries – is through our contact page.