Track JNE Express

JNE is a shipping and logistics company based in Jakarta. Counted more than 5000 JNE outlets throughout Indonesia so that it can serve consumers throughout the archipelago. JNE also expands its business to regional food delivery services through the PESONA business unit (Nusantara souvenir orders), customs services, airport pick-up, and money remittance.

PT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir was established on November 26, 1990 by H. Soeprapto Suparno. JNE starts its business activities which are centered on handling customs activities, importing goods, documents and deliveries from abroad to Indonesia. In 1991, JNE expanded its international network by joining as a member of an association of courier companies in several Asian countries (ACCA) which then gave JNE the opportunity to develop the delivery area throughout the world. Because of its competition in the domestic market, JNE is also expanding its domestic network. With its domestic network TiKi and its name, JNE benefits from competition in the domestic market. JNE also expanded its services with logistics and distribution. For many years TiKi and JNE developed and became two companies that had their own directions. Finally JNE became a self-owned company with its own management. JNE bought a building in 2002 and established the JNE Operations Sorting Center and in 2004 JNE had a head office.

At the end of 2012, JNE separated the Logistics division, became a separate business unit separate from the express courier unit and was ready to expand in the logistics sector in 2013. JNE Logistics focuses on services that include warehousing, cargo, land shipping, sea freight, and air freight. Along with the times, innovation continues to be carried out including innovations in information and communication technology. As a form of maximum support for e-commerce, the 25-year-old company is preparing JNE E-Commerce starting in 2014, and optimizing Mobile Applications and building 250 operational offices to increase competitiveness in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA).