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J & T Express or PT. Global JET Express is an express shipping company that applies technological developments as the basis of its system. J & T Express began operations in September 2015. The extensive network owned by J & T Express facilitates express services for customers throughout Indonesia. We serve shipping in cities, provinces and e-commerce customers. J & T Express provide pickup services with high speed of delivery, while at the same time supporting the growth of e-commerce businesses. J & T Express has the vision to build an express company based on the development of internet technology with coverage to South East Asia with the basic values ​​of integrity, share, service, and responsibility. We are committed to serving every shipment honestly and responsibly. Until now, J & T Express has 1,025 branches in Indonesia, ten thousand sprinter (courier), and 1,000 car units throughout Indonesia. The speed of this development can not be separated from the influence of J & T Express Jet Lee founder who is the former CEO of Oppo Indonesia.

J & T Express itself has a shipping system in a way where J & T courier customers are unique because they do not open agents with a franchise system where everyone can become a partner to open their respective agents. J & T has a centralized agent system called Drop Point that functions as a hub between the delivery and delivery of packages from customers. These drop points are usually located in each sub-district and for large cities, the number can be more than one. For example, for Palembang itself, Drop Point J & T is in almost every sub-district so that access to delivery and delivery of packages to the destination address is closer. Each Drop Point J & T has its own sprinter or messenger so there is no such thing as a Drop Point as a place to receive packages. In addition, the delivery schedule is quite well scheduled where each package that arrives in working hours is immediately forwarded to the Drop Point or delivered directly by the courier if it has arrived at the Drop Point.