Track Lion Parcel

Lion Parcel is a subsidiary of Lion Group. Lion Parcel was established on February 14, 2013 engaged in safekeeping services that serve domestic and international shipping supported by the Lion Group’s network and infrastructure as one of the largest airlines. As part of the Lion Group, Lion Parcel has a mission to develop the Lion Group’s business line in the Logistics industry with a philosophy to help accelerate economic growth in all domestic areas through the concept of “Just In Time Air Distribution”. Although counted as a new player, Lion Parcel already has trusted network and operational capital with the support of aircraft fleets and high flight frequencies from the Lion Group as linehaul to almost all airports in Indonesia, Lion Parcel will provide integrated shipping and document services. certainty with an outlet network that spreads to remote areas of the archipelago.

Lion Parcel will continue to develop its network and service performance to provide assurance and security of the delivery of goods and documents supported by integrated information and operations systems and a commitment to service performance over operational priorities to improve service quality continuously.

Lion Parcel has been supported by partners who are reliable and experienced in their fields, and are closely monitored operationally by the head office located in Jakarta. Future network development will continue to be carried out to penetrate more than 5,000 POS networks throughout Indonesia in 2016 which will be developed not only to receive safekeeping services, but also become the most extensive and reliable distribution channel. Lion Parcel Headquarters itself is located in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. Lion Parcel also opened a partnership for online / corporate customers who want to routinely deliver via Lion Parcel.

With the advantages they offer are:

  • Free API postage for online shopping.
  • Free Pickup Service without minimum.
  • Payment Per Term.
  • Free Insurance.
  • Monitoring shipments every day to ensure packages arrive on time.