Track Pahala Express

Pahala Express is one of five business units owned by PT. Pahala Kencana that has been tested in travel and transportation services since 1972. Pahala Express itself focuses on the field of logistics services and freight forwarding. In 1993, PO Pahala Kencana developed its business units in other fields. Not only in the form of a bus transportation service business, but the company is also in the business of deposit services. Starting from utilizing the remaining luggage space on the Pahala Kencana bus, finally developing its own division for freight forwarding services. Currently, the Pahala Kencana Courier Service has changed its name to Pahala Express. With several branches and sales agents in Sumatra, Java, Madura, and Bali in 2003 the company quickly grew to cover more than 400 destinations in Indonesia along with 200 countries around the world, relying on more than hundreds of freight forwarding units. At present, Pahala Express reveals that with a wide range of networks in Indonesia, it is believed to provide thousands of consignments every week, this can be possible only because of customer trust, faith, reliability, speed, efficiency, and timely delivery. In 2006 Pahala had the urge to change to become more professional with PT. Pahala Express revealed as a new brand name of PT. Pahala Express, the company has developed a positive positioning model in the time of express delivery. PT. Pahala believes that increasing customer satisfaction and reliable integrated services are the keys to achieving its position as a leading express delivery company in Indonesia. Since 2008 until now operating, Pahala Express currently has an important role in the package delivery industry in Indonesia. As a member of the Association of Indonesian Express Service Companies (ASPERINDO), Pahala Express provides complete and integrated services including International Delivery, Same Day Service (SDS), One Night Service (ONS), Express, Logistics, and Regular.

Pahala Express vision is to be the best and most important company that leads in the service and courier, cargo and logistics sectors in Indonesia. Pahala Express mission is also to develop the highest quality of products, services and human resources that can be trusted and able to compete, to expand the integrated national service network, to achieve maximum satisfaction with customers, employees, partners, investors and owners, to become a driven company by unyielding professionalism and a dynamic style of management that sets an example for others.