Track Pos Indonesia

Pos Indonesia is a state-owned company engaged in postal services and already has branches around 4,800 post offices with a number of service points reaching 58,700 points in various forms and types of services such as post offices, agents, Mobile Postal Service and others throughout Indonesia. Pos Indonesia has a dedicated network, reliable distribution system, Track and Trace, excellent service, speed, accuracy, and competitive prices. The post office is a strategic place for sales transactions, and or distribution of goods and services. Pos Indonesia continues to innovate, among others, the construction of Post Shop which is a retail business development implemented to change the image of a conventional post office into a modern post office with a one stop shopping service, namely Postal Services (retail services) in the form of mail, package, service finance, Postal items sales (stamp, stamps, philately products etc.), Online Shopping services.

Pos Indonesia was established during the Dutch era on August 26, 1746 in Batavia (Jakarta) by Governor General GW Baron van Imhoff with the aim of further guaranteeing the security of residents’ letters, especially for those who trade from offices outside Java and for those who come from and go to the Netherlands. Since then postal services have been born carrying out the role and function of service to the public. Pos Indonesia has undergone several changes in status starting from the PTT Bureau (Post, Telegraph and Telephone). Observing the development of times where the post and telecommunications sector is developing very rapidly. In June 1995 it changed to a Limited Liability Company under the name PT Pos Indonesia (Persero). Over time, Pos Indonesia has now been able to demonstrate its creativity in the development of Indonesia’s exposure field by utilizing its network infrastructure which reaches 58 thousand service points. Along with the development of information, communication and technology, the Pos Indonesia network already has more than 4,800 online post offices. The Postal Code System was created to facilitate delivery, where all of Indonesia was able to be accurately identified.