Track REX Indonesia

Royal Express Indonesia (REX) is a company that focuses its services as a document and package shipping company through air, sea and land transportation with domestic and international destinations. In providing its services, REX always puts customer satisfaction as a priority by trying to meet all customer needs properly. To achieve this goal, REX is supported by reliable human resources and an adequate fleet.

The vision of PT. Royal Express Indonesia (REX) is always an honest and trusted partner for now and in the future. The mission of PT. Royal Express Indonesia (REX) is providing satisfaction and value-added services to customers by building a strong network, supported by technologies that keep up with the times. PT. Royal Express Indonesia (REX) also has a corporate culture such as always looking for what customers need, always honest, disciplined and responsible in working and always working hard, committed in acting and not giving up easily.

The resources of PT. Royal Express Indonesia (REX) is:


As part of our core services in meeting your needs exclusively, we always use the best and most trusted flights. It starts from good relations with airlines that are well known throughout Indonesia and the world.


We use vehicles that are well maintained and have trained and trustworthy drivers in sending your packages. Safety is our top priority. We try our best to keep your deposit in good condition.


Crossing your package by sea is the choice we offer in our shipping services. We strive to reduce all risks to get optimal results in providing you with quality assurance services.

The services provided include also:

REX 0 (Zero)

Providing the best solution in sending your important packages in just 1 day.


While you enjoy your sleep, your package is on its way to the destination. When you wake up, your package arrives safely. Money back guarantee.

EXP (Express Service)

Express package delivery service that will save you time and energy. The right choice for all needs and interests.

REG (Regular Service)

The best service in sending packages is when they are ready and arrive on time. With REX, we offer you the most economical yet quality service in sending your package.

INT (International)

International shipping service that can deliver your deposit abroad, to various countries in the world.

OTH (Other)

Other goods / documents delivery services with special specifications.