Track SAP Express

SAP Express is a logistics service in Indonesia which was established on September 9, 2014. SAP Express realizes the importance of networks and technology in supporting business growth. When first established, SAP Express implemented an Android-based operational system in its business. This innovation places SAP Express as a pioneer of Android-based shipping service companies in Indonesia. Major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo and Makassar were the company’s initial concerns in developing branch offices along with extensive networks to remote villages in the archipelago. Furthermore, in January 2015, the number of SAP Express branches has reached 16 branches, in March 2015, the number of branches increased to 40 branches and widening of outlets to 200 points in the territory of Indonesia. In 2018 the total branches managed independently by SAP Express number more than 79 branches and will continue to grow every year. Based on the Company’s Articles of Association, SAPX scope of activities is engaged in safekeeping, shipping and warehousing services, transportation and transportation, printing, agency, outsourcing, and financial transactions. The main business activities carried out by SAPX are safekeeping services. Shareholders who own 5% or more shares of Satria Antaran Prima Tbk, namely: Budiyanto Darmastono, with an ownership percentage of 47.76%.

SAP Express vision is being a customer choice for logistics services by providing reliable and reliable logistic service solutions while its mission is to implement good Corporate Governance by striving to achieve performance, profit, quality, and sustainable optimal growth to create value more for stakeholders. Achieve good operational quality across all elements of the company that focus on speed, are reliable and provide value to customers. Develop learning organizations that can adapt well by maintaining and improving the competence and well-being of employees who focus on customers, mutual respect, mutual trust, openness, integrity, and honesty. With basic values, give more value to customers. Communication, coordination, and collaboration between teams (team work). Always make maximum efforts in work. Developing company technology and information, to support business performance.