Track SiCepat Express

SiCepat is an expedition company founded in 2004, with a vision and mission to be the best in their field. The area of ​​SiCepat business activities currently includes transportation for Air and Land. Currently, SiCepat has already had 15 branches and 15 representatives spread throughout the archipelago and will grow along with our growth. SiCepat’s motto is Your Delivery is Our Priority, where with this motto they will develop and progress along with the customer’s trust that they maintain. SiCepat Ekspres continues to improve its service to customers, by sending it faster and processing the goods faster according to SiCepat’s name. With higher quality of goods, for lower prices than other expeditions because there is usually a certain discount for one item, where deposits entrusted to Si Quick Express can be delivered to the recipient faster than others and remain safe and the goods delivered remain intact as received from the sender and not defective or damaged. The development of SiCepat branch assets, currently SiCepat already has assets in the form of cars, computers, camera canons, scales, goods baskets/shelves. Motorcycles are not provided on average by a courier’s personal motorbike to deliver goods All existing branches belong to the company and do not open franchisees for the SiCepat Express branch. Another advantage, customers are facilitated to track packages. SiCepat has an IT system that is capable enough to oversee package delivery. In fact, customers can also download the SiCepat application in the Appstore and Google Playstore. With this system, recipients can also monitor the delivery of their packages through the SiCepat website using the delivery receipt code. Other services that are synonymous with the world of online sales are also being developed, namely the payment of repayment of goods on-site (COD). This mechanism is widely used to reduce the risk of fraud from the seller or buyer of online stores. With COD services from SiCepat, online stores no need to collect payments from consumers themselves. There is also a Same Day Delivery service that allows delivery of goods on the same day.