Track TIKI

TIKI is a company engaged in the delivery of goods. TIKI was founded by Alm. Mr. Soeprapto Soeparno and Ms. Nuraini Soeprapto on September 1, 1970, then increasingly strengthened by joining the Alm. Mr. Irawan Saputra, Mr. Gideon Wiraseputra and Mr. Raphael Rusmadi in 1972. Starting with two main branches in Pangkalpinang and Semarang. In 1980 established a business unit of PT. TKS (Soeprapto Express Delivery) to handle land, sea cargo, freight forwarding, air cargo sales agent. In 1990 he founded PT. TIKI JNE, which handles overseas shipping and then split in 1993, changed status from CV to PT. CV Titipan Kilat on December 31, 1993. Building a new business unit of TIKITA (Tiki Wisata) travel agent that handles ticketing, tour and travel activities, as well as Hajj and Umrah trips in 1995, then in 2001 established a business unit of PT. TIKINDO (Indonesian Express Courts) which handles warehousing, trucking, and cargo as well as high school. In 2010, TIKI opened a food and money shipment service, after obtaining permission from Bank Indonesia as “MANAGEMENT OF MONEY DELIVERY”, in 2015 TIKI launched an application with the “JEMPOL” online pick-up feature for easy pick-up of goods, managing goods delivery needs starting from checks tariff real-time tracking.

Currently, TIKI has 65 branch offices in major cities, 430+ sub-branches, 3000+ outlets, 12,000+ employees and around 4000 fleets throughout Indonesia, currently TIKI has served 98% of the zip code, 88% of districts/cities, 67% of villages and continue to expand their network throughout Indonesia. Since its inception, TIKI has always been trustworthy and professional in serving by prioritizing customer needs, agent partners and maintaining a spirit of kinship among employees and business partners. TIKI’s own focus is to make TIKI one of the best companies in shipping and logistics services by optimally serving the needs and interests of customers so that they are known in Indonesia and internationally.