Track Nationwide Express

Having been established in 1985, Nationwide Express is among the pioneers of courier services in Malaysia. It started off purely as a courier service provider, a factor that can be used to explain its deep reach into some of the remotest areas of the country. The company enjoys the support of over 1600 employees. The services of these employees are reinforced by 500 motorcycles couriers and 240 automobiles. This is a feature that has gone a long way in helping Nationwide Express start a door-to-door delivery of items. Even though it had a bumpy start from the beginning, the company today enjoys the reputation for reliability and efficiency with regards to both lightweight and highly-valued goods.

As an award-winning brand within the courier service providers, it is difficult to cast a doubt on Nationwide Express. That is not to say that it has failed to have a fair share of criticism. The fact that it enjoys top ratings from different regulators implies that it’s moving towards the direction of being more of a premium brand. As a result, their prices may at times seem a bit higher compared to competitors even though the same types of products with identical features are being moved to the same destination. In order to continue receiving more customers, Nationwide Express will have to review some of its price policies.

All in all, Nationwide Express reputation for being fast and efficient will continue making it a leader in this tough industry of courier service providers. As of now, it has 180 networks in strategic locations which empowers it to deal with over 70,000 pieces of packages on a daily basis. This kind of reputation is one which has enabled the package courier company to become a household name. Its ideals of trust and excellence are also admirable.