Track Pos Ekspres

Pos Ekspres is considered by most people as their preferred courier for sending sensitive documents in Malaysia. The company has established a regular delivery schedule through which it is able to perform a next day delivery. However, that does not say that your parcels will always be delivered the next day after you sent them since various facets are considered. Generally, Pos Ekspres has done some commendable work with regards to creating a fuss-free delivery system. One of the most notable features about this courier company is the use of its own packets and envelopes which bring about standardization across its network. Of course, that is also a marketing strategy but is one which has gone a long way enhancing customer experience. The envelopes come in 5 different sizes, with 1 kg being the maximum allowable weight.

A detailed research on the company reveals a few cases where customers have been unhappy with the delayed delivery of mails. But that can be understood given that no matter how hard a package courier company tries, it can never be right all the time. Throughout its years of existence, Pos Ekspres has been able to deliver mails at the required destination within one to three days. Your delivery zone determines the exact number of days taken before receiving the mail.

Pos Ekspres has over 344 mail destinations in Malaysia and has managed to put in place high standards with regards to speed. Besides just being fast at the delivery of mail, you can track Pos Ekspres. It is possible to determine whether your recipient got the dispatched mail.

Even though the courier company guarantees fast delivery, it is important to note that the guarantee does not include any item that is sent outside the Pos Ekspres delivery region. To avoid delayed delivery of your item, you are advised to refrain from posting at the red Posting Box.