Track Skynet

Skynet has more than 25 years of experience in serving both local and international customers in need of courier services. Having been established in 1992, the company not only serves Malaysia but also other nations across the world. Within Malaysia, the country has put up 80 stations in strategic locations for easy accessibility. Hence, when you are in the nation, you can reach any of the stations to send items to your domestic and international friends.

Among the services offered at these stations include pick & pack; Air and Sea; international freight; courier services; as well as special projects as requested by the customer. Skynet highlights in its policy that its topmost priority is the customer, hence it continues to deliver the best services possible for this customer.

As an international courier company, Skynet has moved on to build for itself a reputable brand. However, its entry into Malaysia is rivaled by other well-established companies with a higher number of stations and agents across the country. In order to stand out from the tough competition, it ought to increase its number of offices. However, the 80 stations are still commendable given that some local courier companies have far much lower number of stations.

Ever since it began operating in Malaysia, Skynet has been growing steadily. The steady growth has seen it gain the trust of its customers even as it moves on to uphold its policy of accurate and reliable delivery of products. The Company has set up one of the best ICT systems through which its data is captured, stored and managed with the highest respect for a customer’s privacy. Through this system, Skynet has been able to gradually improve reliability and efficiency thereby leading to customer satisfaction. Its policy of environment protection is also one that attracts most Malaysians.