Track Sure Reach

Sure Reach was started in the year 2004 by a group of young professionals with a vision to change Malaysian courier landscape. Having started off with just a few automobiles and offices, the company has since then grown to become one of the most reputable courier companies in the country. Today, it has 100 vehicles under its name and employed more than 300 employees to help reach more customers. It presents itself more of a technology-oriented firm as it seeks to get things done with just a single phone call.

In order to ensure Sure Reach takes an edge with regards to document imaging and records management, two businesses were merged in 2010. The merging of Sure-Reach with a corporate and investor service provider was one wise move that empowered Sure Reach to reach greater heights. As a company, their policy is to be as professional as possible while dealing with customers whom they would like to make delightful. This is a policy that has seen Sure Reach receive a number of international recognition for having enhanced local innovation.

Courier services generally are doing some good work with regards to being a leader in the industry. However, such efforts may be slightly dampened by its lack of a catchy phrase that can keep customers talking about the firm all the time. If you have a catchy phrase such as ‘Delivering Excellence,’ it is very much easy to become a household name.

With regards to values and character, Sure Reach focuses not just on commercial growth but also on positively impacting people and the community as a whole. The courier company runs its operations abiding by 5 main qualities deemed to bring success to the organizations, namely: Flexibility, Initiative, Responsibility, Security, Thoroughness. These qualities are given the acronym “FIRST”.