Track Ta-Q-Bin

Ta-Q-Bin is one of the courier service providers that finds pleasure in working towards the customer’s convenience. The company’s policy insists on customer satisfaction and hence Ta-Q-Bin employees have been trained on the need to treat the customer well. One striking feature about this courier company is its willingness to re-deliver an item after you missed. Remember these times when you accidentally miss picking your parcel due to unavoidable reasons? Well, such worries will be non-existent with regards to Ta-Q-Bin. With no extra charge, your courier guy will get back to you at your convenient time.

As you are given real-time tracking information through the website, Ta-Q-Bin ensures that you are updated throughout every step of the way. You are aware when the item leaves the dispatch station and when it is expected to get to the other end. Furthermore, the receiver is sent a notification message about the delivery process to keep them alert. Hence, the chances of actually missing out on your sent item are low.

From our analysis, Ta-Q-Bin remains the only company which considers the customer status prior to the delivery of the sent item. Whichever temperature you would like the item to be delivered – Chill, Ambient, and Frozen.

The rates are also friendly in the sense that they are calculated on the basis of weight and size.

As much as Ta-Q-Bin’s strategy works for the company, more has to be done with the range services it offers. The courier company should add to its list of services so that it gains some form of a reputation as a brand to battle with. Furthermore, the idea of expanding to more towns in Malaysia should be taken seriously.

Generally speaking, Ta-Q-Bin tactic will continue to work for it for as long as people want to be treated fairly by their courier guys – who doesn’t want this?