Track TNT

TNT has been in operation for more than 70 years. The company’s agenda is to connect people from all corners of the world through the delivery of documents, parcels as well as freight consignments. In order to be effective at doing that, it integrates and care and attention in its delivery system so that the connection with customers is never lost. Whatever you want to send to Malaysia and across the planet, and whatever location you need it delivered to, TNT guarantees you swift delivery.

Right from the time their courier man picks your parcel, to the time the customer eventually gets that item, TNT will ensure you and your customer are connected throughout the whole process. It is able to do so as a result of its well-managed door-to-door network. You need not worry because you have an online tracking platform where you can watch the whole process. Even for businesses and individuals that have specific shipping requirements, TNT has an offering that caters for that so that entire focus is on business expansion rather worries on matters such as getting goods to the destination.

There are some customers who may require urgent delivery of items. That is also catered for by TNT. With its Next Day delivery system, the courier company provider ensures that your shipped goods are delivered as you wanted them and on the right time. Of course, time limits can sometimes become a hard thing to guarantee in 100% surety given that any distraction can take place. However, the courier company still endeavors to keep your time constraint demands in mind while shipping.

TNT has a mobile app so that you move with your goods. The application is available for download both on Google Play and App Store. Through it, you are regularly updated on the arrival of shipments such that you are ever in control. The App has several features including Track & Trace, Shipment details, Quote & Time, and instant notifications.